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  • Do I need much experience before I take a drawing course?
    Lots of people say to me they haven't done any Art since school, and, they felt they were rubbish at it, or didn't like the teacher, or, the teacher said they were rubbish......but they'd like to try again!! Drawing activites are approached in a way that builds your confidence and your skills, you only need a willingness to try!! Together we can unlock the mysteries of the pencil!
  • What materials do I need to bring for a drawing class?
    I supply: drawing boards pencils, graphite sticks paper sketchbooks will be available to buy cost price
  • What medium are you working in at the moment?
    Currently I am working in clay. I love sculpting, making hand built sculptures usually exploring the relationships between spirits, angels and birds, dogs and birds, cats and birds, rabbits and birds!! Always birds!! My dream of flying is in all my little sculptures. Angels have figured highly in my life. I am a quiet believer!!
  • How can I buy your prints and sculptures, or commission work?"
    Please contact me for commissions or let me know if there is a sculpture you like on the web site. Angel sculptures can be commissioned, as too, birds and other animals. Sizes vary, as do prices, which start at £60.00 for Angels, £50.00 for single birds as pictured. I also take commissions for Illustrative work, such as your pets, please see water colour works in gallery.
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